Grassroots Favorite Stan Grot Will Soon be Announcing Candidacy for Michigan SOS

PC: DarKen Photography

Shelby Township Clerk, Stan Grot sent an email to supporters this week inviting them to attend his announcement for Michigan Secretary of State.

Grot will likely be the first Republican to officially announce his candidacy for the office.

The Republican nominee for Secretary of State will be decided by precinct delegates at the Michigan Republican State Convention next year.

Grot is known for being an expert recruiter of precinct delegates, which will certainly benefit him in the upcoming race.

Macomb County was critical to Donald Trump’s historic victory in Michigan, and Grot’s efforts to organize and build a grassroots army certainly played a role.

Although Grot is heavily involved in Macomb politics, he has spent the summer traveling the state.

Sources tell Conservative Intel they’ve seen Grot in almost every corner of the state, speaking at events, and more importantly, interacting with the Republicans that will decide his fate next year.

Grassroots activists have encouraged Grot to run because of a six-point plan he’s created to restore voter integrity in Michigan. It includes:

  • Requiring U.S. Citizenship Documentation for New Voter Registration
  • Purging Voters Registered in Multiple States
  • Increasing Oversight of the Detroit Public Accuracy Test
  • Implementing Mandatory Photo I.D. Before Voting
  • Utilizing the Social Security Database to Remove Deceased Voters
  • Auditing Cities and Townships That Lack Competency to Conduct Elections

The Trump faithful have rallied around him too. He was a keynote speaker last week at the Michigan Trump Republican event in Muskegon, attended by over 250 people.

He also sponsored a stop on the tour this week at the Palazzo Grande in Shelby Township.

State Senator Mike Kowall has filed a committee to run for Secretary of State, but has not officially announced.

There is still some degree of uncertainty as to whether Kowall will actually run. He’s reported raising just $600 in his quarterly statement. Grot has already raised over $70,000.

Kowall is viewed as being tied in with the Lansing establishment. This should make it easy for him to raise money, but many question his ability to compete with Grot in a convention race, where support from the grassroots is so critical.

Grot’s announcement will take place over two days. The first on Tuesday, August 22nd, in front of the Michigan Capitol Building in Lansing at 1:00 p.m. We’ve learned that Congressman Paul Mitchell will be in attendance to introduce Grot. It is free and open to the public.

He will then host a reception at The Palazzo Grande in Shelby Township, at 6:00 p.m. Dinner, desserts, and drinks will be served. The Palazzo Grande is located at 54660 Van Dyke Ave. Shelby Twp., MI 48316. The event is also free and open to the public, but donations are welcome and guests are asked to RSVP to