Peaceful Pro-Trump Rallies Across America

    From New York to San Diego, Trump supporters all across the country showed their excitement for the new administration. Most of the rallies were peaceful and uplifting, where Trump fans walked the streets in patriotic attire. Unfortunately, there were situations that escalated to violence thanks to irrational leftists.

    Breitbart reports, “In many places, anti-Trump counter-demonstrations resorted to violence. Media outlets, however, suggested inaccurately that the protests were an outgrowth of the pro-Trump protests themselves.

    Pro-Trump demonstrations were held in cities across the country, including New York, Washington, San Diego, Palm Beach, Nashville, Lansing, and Minnesota.

    Most rallies went forward without disruption, apart from in Berkeley, California, where left-wing anarchists became violent after holding a counter-demonstration.”

    Marchers included singer/songwriter Joy Villa, who made a huge statement supporting Trump at the 59th annual Grammy Awards.