Trump reverses Obama’s pro-transgender policies

Tuesday, White House spokesman Sean Spicer announced President Trump would be throwing away many of Obama’s controversial pro-transgender policies. This will protect single-sex civic groups and institutions, such as single-sex bathrooms, from lawsuits, and will put pressure on judges to preserve biology as the definer for whether a person is male or female.

Spicer claims that Trump has long believed this to be a states’ rights issue, and that the federal government should have no business regulating it. Less than 25% of Americans support the progressive “gender identity” plan pushed by Obama and transgender activists, and Obama has already stated that his unpopular policy helped Trump defeat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

“So while we have further guidance coming out on this, I think that all you have to do is look at what the president’s view has been for a long time, that this is not something the federal government should be involved in, that this is a states’ rights issue,” Spicer added.

This is a big defeat for gay advocacy groups and progressives in general, who claim that a person’s “gender identity”, which can change from day-to-day, should determine their legal gender.

Only about one-in-2,400 Americans have changed their names from one sex to the other, according to a study of the 2010 census.