Presidentialness: A fast playing card game about politics

Ever wonder what it would feel like to win the presidency? Presidentialness is a fast playing, opponent-crushing card game where you accomplish just that. While you may only be winning the presidency of your household, Presidentialness features the most popular names in United States politics, is easy to learn, and a lot more fun.

The concept for Presidentialness began during our memorable 2016 election cycle. I enjoy reading political news, but the tone is heavy and absent of humor. The importance of improving governmental policy merits such a tone, however to raise my spirit I began writing down humorous, half-true qualities of popular political figures with the goal of working it into a card game for my tabletop company.

For years, I have been host of a board game focused podcast on the Dice Tower Network, a popular website in the board game industry. On each episode of the podcast, I interview the most talented designers, publishers, and other members of the board game community and ask questions with an emphasis on the business of board games. I soon realized I had my own desire to publish a game and my equal interest in politics made choosing the theme easy. By creating a simple list of funny political qualities last year, the framework of the game took shape.

In Presidentialness, you’re an average, yet ambitious person campaigning to be the next president of the United States. Possessing no presidential assets of your own, you mimic the assets of popular political figures to become the most presidential of your opponents and win the presidency! The game has you using event cards to crush your opponents, and press cards to leverage your assets and steal your opponent’s voters. These basic concepts satisfy exactly you’d hope to do in a game about winning the presidency.

A player’s path to victory is simple, complete three different sets of presidential assets and win the presidency! After developing the rules and game mechanics, I hired an artist and a graphic designer to take concept to reality. The game is now finished; however, the project needs enough pre-orders to fund the game’s first print run and send a copy to each person that helped make the game possible.

Kickstarter is a perfect platform to offer this game as it creates a way to enhance the final product for everyone who supported it. My favorite opportunity right now is the ability for you to have your likeness illustrated by our game’s talented artist and appear in a game card. It’s a fun way to immortalize the supporters of the project, while offering everyone a completely new illustration when their game arrives.

Please help support this project by pre-ordering a copy! The opportunity to support the game and receive a copy will only be available for a limited time. I feel Presidentialness is an outstanding way to lighten the mood after a hard-fought election and I’m confident you’ll have a lot of fun playing.



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