Rand Paul Warns GOP On Obamacare Repeal

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is against┬áthe “repeal-and-delay” approach to Obamacare. He believes the right move is to push through a replacement alongside the repeal.

Paul said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” “I think it’s imperative that Republicans do a replacement simultaneous to repeal,” and that, “We need to think through how we do this, and it’s a huge mistake for Republicans if they do not vote for replacement on the same day as we vote for repeal.”

Politico adds, “Some Republicans, determined to repeal Obamacare quickly now that they have one of their own entering the White House, have advocated repealing the law with a delay period in which they would try to come up with some replacement. If they failed to pass a new law in that time, millions of people who depend on Obamacare for their health insurance could lose their coverage.”

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