The Elitist Left’s 2016 Victory: Blocking DAPL

To approve a route for a pipeline takes forever.

In the case of the Dakota Access Pipeline, it took years.

It also took millions of dollars, 1,200 pages of environmental and cultural analysis, over 400 meetings with 55 Native American tribes, and successfully defending the route in court not only once, but twice. It also required the total approval from environmental bureaucracies, and the coordination of 4 state governments, countless negotiations with local and federal officials on every level, and conference with the Army Corp of Engineers, the Department of Interior, and private industry to identify the safest, most environmentally friendly route available.

It was a strenuous process for a much-needed pipeline that would serve to provide thousands of American families with thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in tax revenue.

But after all the hoops that were jumped through and the regulatory nightmare was over for DAPL, the Army sided with the radical left’s out-of-touch stance by agreeing to reroute the much-needed pipeline. It only took a few liberal elitists groups rallying an army of radical environmentalists to undo it all and the total compliance of the media.

America watched as the story of Dakota Access was twisted to fit the environmentalist whims of the far left and the social justice narrative of the far, far left. Like magic, the route once agreed on by several levels of elected and bureaucratic government became a reflection of both the failures of Flint, Michigan AND the aggressions of Colonial America.   

It didn’t matter to them that the pipeline – at no point – crossed the Standing Rock Sioux tribe’s reservation, or that it was collocated with a three-decades old natural gas pipeline that has had no effect on local water. The “facts-optional” media ran with the idea that the pipeline would potentially kill children and insult the culture of the Standing Rock Sioux. Both – of course – emotional arguments that played well to the guiltiest of regulators.  The media never reported the truth that there was no reasonable logical, factual, or scientific reason for the final easement to be denied.

Lawyers at Soro’s EarthJustice must have cheered as the media cemented the narrative that they’ve already worked with the left to develop for years. It was quite an accomplishment to have convinced the Army that the people of North Dakota who stood to gain the most from the completion of the project were actually somehow being wronged.

Liberals in media are now hailing the decision to reroute as some sort of victory of the people when really, the opposite is true.

But it shouldn’t come as a shock that the media would side with the wrong side again. In fact, coverage of DAPL is just the latest perfect example of the collusion of big government and media elitist-at the expense of the middle class- that lead to the rise of Donald Trump in 2016.

Think about it.

Opposition to the pipeline: George Soros, President Obama, Hollywood, and however many college liberals they worked together to assemble to hold signs while destructing private property in North Dakota. They stood in opposition of the construction that provided over 8,000 jobs to blue-collar workers and would provide 10,000 more with completion.

They didn’t care about those people. They wanted the pipeline stopped at any cost, even if that cost was the rejection of a legal process respected by all parties previously involved with the current Dakota Access route. So they used the tool of force in a way only liberal elitists seem to have mastered with an extrajudicial, political decision pushing through their agenda. Which is exactly why hard-working Americans across the country rejected Hillary, is it not?

A reroute now would cost millions of dollars and several more years, delaying the progress of struggling American communities for even more time. Those celebrating the unlawful, unamerican decision align very much with the policies Americans overwhelmingly rejected on Election Day.

And now, funny enough, the only way to fight back is the same way blue-collar America fought back in November: with Donald Trump. As long as the President-elect makes DAPL a priority.

Once in office, President Trump will have the authority to push through the route as it stands – in a legal and non-political way –  by approving the final easement, and getting Americans back to work.

The Dakota Access Pipeline will provide game-changing revenue for the struggling economy, with an offset bigger than any tax-credit or stimulus Congress would come up with. That means new roads, new schools, and a new chance for the working-class to lift themselves.

And almost more importantly, the approval of DAPL would also give Donald Trump a chance to prove to working-class Americans that the days of pandering to liberal elitists and environmental radicals who fail to comply with the law are OVER.