MI1: Lon Johnson Literally Dressing Up as Easter Bunny for President Obama

The UK Daily Mail and Washington Post are reporting that Lon Johnson literally dressed up as the Easter Bunny for President Obama.

Lon Johnson is very close to Obama because his wife, Julianna Smoot, was Deputy Campaign Manager for Obama in the 2008 campaign.  Johnson previously served as Chairman of the Michigan Democrat Party and has a long history as a professional party operative.

It isn’t surprising that Johnson would support Obama’s policies on Obamacare and Gun Control given his loyalty to the President.  If you are willing to dress up as the Easter Bunny, you are probably capable of doing pretty much anything for him, right?

Obamacare has been a difficult issue throughout the country but especially in Michigan where it has been reported that 400,000 people are losing their policies and premiums are increasing 20%.

“I am proud of Obamacare and what its done,” said Lon Johnson.

Johnson has also shown support for the President by supporting stronger gun control policies.  In an interview with the Detroit NAACP he strongly supported Obama’s gun control measures and called for electing more people with similar views to help Obama pass stricter gun laws.

Johnson said “we need to support” Obama’s gun control initiatives.