Paul Ryan Backs Jack Bergman For Congress

Ryan, with Lt. Gen. Jack Bergman

Speaker of the House  Paul Ryan is backing Jack Bergman for Congress in Michigan’s highly competitive 1st District.

According to reports:

“We are on the other side of Lake Michigan — you guys get the cool, sandy beaches, we get the rocky bluffs — but we share the same values,” said Ryan, a Wisconsin republican… “We want men and women to come to congress to fight for us, to fight for what we believe in. That is why we are so excited about having Jack Bergman come to congress.”

Bergman thanked Ryan for making the trip to northern Michigan and spoke briefly on issues he said his campaign concentrates on, including national security, the economy and Social Security.

“It is critically important that we elect a congressman who is able to work with our leaders in Washington D.C. to help people of the First Congressional District,” Bergman said. “I will work with anyone of any party to do the right thing for our district and our country.”

A representative who can work on state and national issues like poverty and the welfare system, security, and even regulations affecting Michigan cherry farmers and other growers around the country, remains a high priority for congress, Ryan said.”

Ryan also praised Donald Trump while advocating cfor Bergman.

According to the Detroit News:

“Ryan…repeatedly jabbed the Obama administration as he touted the “Better Way” agenda he is pushing in Congress. The policy platform includes proposals for addressing poverty, the economy, health care and more.

Businesses, including northern Michigan cherry growers, are facing “stifling” regulations under the Democratic president, Ryan said. He said the Obama administration is “trying to claim jurisdiction over regulation of our farmers” through the Environmental Protection Agency’s rule the redefines what bodies of water can be regulated.

While Ryan has disagreed with Donald Trump on various fronts, he has also said electing the party’s presidential nominee will help Republicans get more of their proposals through Congress, an argument he echoed while making the case for Bergman.

“Please help us get this country back on track by helping us win this election, so we can get this agenda put into place, so we can meet the moment the way it needs to be met, by confronting our country’s challenges and not kicking the can down the road,” the speaker said.”