#MakeMichiganRedAgain: 10 Signs Trump Is Well Positioned In Michigan

Republicans haven’t won the Great Lakes State since 1988, but Donald Trump, along with Michigan State Director Scott Hagerstrom and Deputy State Director CJ Galdes-as well as the Trump team across Michigan- hope to change that.

Here are 10 signs things could be on track to flip Michigan:
  • Trump has just sent State Directors from Utah and Oregon to Michigan
  • Over 7,000 people have attended 2 Trump flash mobs in Michigan in the last month
  • Hillary hasn’t visited Michigan in nearly 60 days
  • In that same time, 2 Trump rallies have drawn at least 13,000 people with thousands more turned away
  • Trump has purchased ads in the state
  • Trump has the support of an Imam from Dearborn as Hillary continues to struggle with the Middle East American community…
  • Polls show a statistical dead heat
  • The campaign continues to add staff, campaign chairs, and other advisers
  • Bill Clinton could only draw 300 people this week while saying Michigan workers are paid too much…
  • Look outside! Trump signs EVERYWHERE, Hillary signs nowhere to be found…

    Dearborn Imam Hassan with Trump Michigan Deputy State Director CJ Galdes