Female Candidates Dramatically Outperform Male Candidates in State Board of Education Races

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 2.22.49 PMConservative Intel conducted a detailed analysis of races for State Board of Education dating back to 2004 and found that female candidates vastly outperformed mail candidates for State Board of Education.

The Republican and Democrat parties are holding their conventions this weekend and will nominate their candidates for State Board of Education, University of Michigan Regent, Michigan State University, and Wayne State University Board of Governors.

Females have an electoral advantage on the Michigan Statewide ballot. Over the past the 6 elections female nominees for the State Board of Education have a 4.2% advantage over male nominees from either party.

Largest Female Advantages

2014 – 4.5% Female Advantage (Mid-Term Election)

2012 – 6.1% Female Advantage (Presidential Election)

2008 – 11.7% Female Advantage (Presidential Election)

2004 – 4.0% Female Advantage (Presidential Election)

Both political parties would be wise to nominate female candidates for these important positions.