Obama Busted Giving $400 Million To Iran, Claims It Wasn’t Ransom For Hostages

Barack Obama has ben busted again…

According to The Hill:

“The White House on Wednesday denied that a $400 million cash payment to Iran was a ransom paid to free American prisoners.

“No, it was not,” said press secretary Josh Earnest when asked if the money constituted a ransom. “It is against the policy of the United States to pay ransom for hostages.”

The spokesman blamed the furor over the payment on Republican lawmakers who are “flailing” to explain why they’re against the controversial nuclear pact with Tehran.

“The facts of this are quite clear,” he said. “And it’s an indication of just how badly opponents of the Iran deal are struggling to justify their opposition to a successful deal that has prevented and continues to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.”

His comments came in response to a Wall Street Journal report Tuesday detailing an airlift in January that delivered $400 million in cash to Iran that coincided with the release of four Americans imprisoned there.”