Breaking: Jack Bergman Prevails In Stunning MI-1 GOP Primary Battle

It was long thought to be a two-man race between State Senator Tom Casperson and former lawmaker Jason Allen in Michigan’s competitive 1st Congressional District Republican primary, but in the end, retired 3 star General Jack Bergman prevailed in a stunning late-night finish.

As of press time, Bergman received 38% of the vote to Casperson’s 34% and Allen’s 28%.

In a sign that campaigns were responding to Bergman’s numbers, Casperson released a hit piece on Bergman late last week, but the move proved to be too little, too late-Bergman already had command of the race.

The 3 star General benefitted from Casperson and Allen attacking each other while he was concurrently able to get his message out unscathed, until the very end… 

“Establishment liberals like Casperson have no problem throwing a great veteran like Bergman under the bus,” said Matt Maddock, a leader of the Michigan Conservative Coalition, the leading GOP grassroots organization in the Great Lakes state. “They’ll do anything to try to keep their power.”

Maddock was pleased with the results.

“Good voters in the 1st saw right through this cowardly hit from behind,” Maddock said. “Bergman will be a great candidate to beat Lon Johnson in November.”

Allen never could catch on in the race, and Casperson was haunted from the beginning by his controversial voting record.

Casperson was consistently labeled the most liberal Republican in Michigan’s Senate by American Conservative Union’s well respected rankings, and was also known as the “most liberal Republican Congressional candidate in the country.”

Bergman faces Lon Johnson in November in what will be one of the most closely watched and well funded Hosue races in the country…

Stay tuned!