Darryl Glenn’s Colorado Senate Race Is The GOP’S Best Shot At Picking Up A Senate Seat

America is about to be introduced to a new face tonight in Cleveland: black conservative Air Force Vet Darryl Glenn.

Glenn is in the middle of an immensely competitive Senate race in the Rocky Mountain State with an incumbent Democrat who has good reason to be worried: polls show he’s the most at-risk Dem incumbent in Washington…

According to reports:

“Even with his wins, Glenn is not a household name outside the Colorado Springs area, and the speech will give him the chance to reach a national audience and boost his bid to defeat U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, who is considered the most vulnerable Democratic incumbent senator in the nation this cycle.”

A recent poll shows Glenn’s name ID with Republicans has nowhere to go but up, and he is also essentially tied with Bennett with Independents. With nearly four months of campaigning still to go, Bennett is clearly in trouble.

“Democratic incumbent Senator Michael Bennet leads Republican Darryl Glenn 46%-40%. Glenn receives less support from Republicans (78%) than Bennet does from Democrats (83%), a result of lower name identification for Glenn among party voters. Bennet holds a comfortable lead among Democratic-leaning Moderates (32-48%) but Glenn narrows his lead to just 4% among Independent voters (33-37%). Among women, Bennet expands his lead (37-48%), while the race tightens to essentially a tie among men (43-44%).”

CI previously spotlighted Glenn’s impressive primary win, a feat Glenn hopes to repeat against Bennett.

“Glenn’s campaign, which unexpectedly beat a State Senator just to receive a spot on the ballot, has defied expectations since the beginning.

According to the Denver Post:

“Winning support from constitutional conservatives and Tea Party supporters, the 13-year local elected official and retired Air Force lieutenant colonel remains the clear favorite among the GOP faithful after he secured his slot on the ballot with a surprising upset at the state party convention.

This week, he received the support of U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, the highest-profile endorsement in the race to date.

“Glenn is the most qualified and most experienced,” said Brad Tutor, the Gunnison County GOP chairman and a supporter. “He’s a constitutional, Christian, conservative person.”