Yob Wins Virgin Islands Delegate Dispute As Canegata Must Defend Chairmanship In Special Election

A dispute involving the delegation from the Virgin Islands to the Republican National Convention is over, with political consultant John Yob winning and controversial VI GOP Chair John Canegata agreeing to hold a new election for party chair within three months…

According to reports:

“A months-long battle over who would represent the U.S. Virgin Islands at next week’s Republican National Convention — a fight somewhat oddly involving several Michigan political consultants – has finally been worked out, with well-known strategist John Yob’s slate of delegates being seated by the Contests Committee.

In a sudden turn, the Contests Committee on Wednesday morning released a negotiated settlement between factions led by Yob and John Canegata, the chairman of the Virgin Islands Republican Party who had opposed the Yob slate’s being seated.

That agreement saw Canegata apparently not only accepting that Yob, his wife and several others allied to Yob will be seated as delegates to help decide the presidential nomination next week but that Canegata himself will stand for a new election as territorial chairman within three months’ time.

“It would be inappropriate to dance on any graves but it would also be fair to say I’m very happy with the result and view it as a victory across the board,” Yob told the Free Press on Wednesday. “It has been a long road and this process evolved from simply trying to be a delegate to a matter of honest election processes.”