MSU Professor Badmouths Parents, Says Whites Should Be Ready To Die, “Shut Up” Unless Ready To Be Shot

Alyssa Hadley Dunn, a Michigan State Professor for Teacher Education who also teaches classes on “diversity and oppression,” recently wrote a piece for the Huffington Post with her two cents on how white Moms should raise their sons.

She says parents aren’t doing enough on racial issues, bragging that young Michiganders learn more from her in 15 weeks than they have in their entire lives…

“(W)hite college students can say they learned more in 15 weeks in my class on diversity and oppression than in their previous 15 years of life,” Dunn writes. “Does this mean their parents did a “bad” job raising them? Of course not. This is not a mom-bashing article. It simply means that there is clearly room for improvement… Mothers (and fathers) of white sons, it’s on us. We have to stop pretending this isn’t happening or merely shaking our heads and saying that it’s so sad but that we feel helpless. It’s not enough. Of course, there are anti-racist white men out there (I married one!)”

Wow. She talks about her “anti-racist white man” husband like such a person is a the human version of an endangered species or a super-rare Pokemon she was lucky enough to get hitched with… Nuts!

In addition to lecturing parents on a number of things they are evidently doing wrong and Dunn is doing oh-so-right, the Prof also provides links to resources for white allies to learn more.

“If you’d like to read more about what White “allies” can do in the wake of racial injustice, see this list of curated resources, originally developed for #MSUTeachIn in August 2015,” Dunn writes at the end of her article.

I decided to check some out, finding Dunn’s “resources” laced with disturbing rhetoric as violent as it is reprehensible.

Consider these quotes from “Decolonize All The Things,” allegedly an elite source of material for wannabee white allies to “learn” more.

“Yeah I said it, shut up. Your job as an ally is not to continously co-opt spaces and run your mouth. Marginalized/oppressed peoples can advocate for themselves in their own spaces…White people, in a space/venue made by and for people of color, you need to shut up. Don’t make suggestions, your job is to sit there, listen, and learn.”


“Ride or die. You don’t ask where we riding to, you don’t ask why you have to die, you just do it. Your job as an ally is to take your privilege and relinquish it to service the oppressed.”

Most disturbingly:

“The ONLY time the privileged get to be on the front lines is if somebody is shooting

Yep, if you have privilege, you only get to be the center of attention or on the front lines if there is danger in site.”

Other links counseled teachers on how to stop “valuing whiteness” and said it was racist to call what happened in places like Ferguson a riot.

This is what they’re teaching in parts of East Lansing and across the country these days, a PC cult with twisted views on how to bring about racial unity has overtaken many facets of academia. This PC hitsquad is as dangerous and divisive as the issues it claims to fight against, perhaps even more so.

Anyone opposed is clearly a privileged racist!