Colorado Senate Candidate Darryl Glenn Should Speak For Trump In Cleveland: Here’s 7 Reasons Why

    DENVER, CO - JUNE 20: Senate primary candidate Darryl Glenn speaks during a rally at Westin Hotel at Denver International Airport, June 20, 2016. (Photo by RJ Sangosti/The Denver Post)

    Darryl Glenn is a rising star in conservative circles after winning the Colorado GOP Senate nomination last week despite facing uphill odds against establishment Republicans.

    As a black conservative-and Air Force Vet-liberals across Colorado are worried about Glenn’s prospects in November.

    Glenn’s supporters believe he should speak at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, and after Glenn’s passionate endorsement of Donald Trump, it could prove to be a great idea.

    Here’s what one conservative activist wrote:

    Darryl Glenn is the Republican nominee for Senate in Colorado. He shocked the GOP establishment by coming out of nowhere and winning the nomination against two self funding candidates who spent over a million dollars of their own money in the Primary. Donald Trump should seriously considering having him speak in prime time at the GOP Convention in Cleveland.

    Here’s why:

    1. He’s a rock star in waiting: Check out this speech from earlier this year at the Colorado State Convention. Glenn went in as an also ran who was seen as having no chance. He gave a rousing speech that brought the delegates roaring to their feet, and earned Glenn 60% of the vote on the first ballot. Watch this speech, and imagine what he could do to the Convention Hall in Cleveland in prime time.

    2.  The stakes couldn’t be higher in Colorado: The winner of Colorado has won the White House the last 4 elections.  The state is one of only two Republican Senate pickup opportunities in America this year. It’s very likely that the party that wins Colorado will control both the White House and the Senate when the dust settles on 2016.

    3. Darryl Glenn is a veteran: Glenn is a retired Lt. Colonel who served with in the United States Air Force with distinction. In an election that is increasingly about national security, there is no better down ballot Republican running this year to deliver a stinging indictment of the Obama-Clinton foreign policy than Darryl Glenn.

    4. Darryl Glenn is a minority: He is the only African-American Republican running statewide anywhere in America this year. Jack Kemp said that Democrats take the minority vote for granted while Republicans write it off. At a time when Democrats are arguing that Republicans are racist, there is nobody better suited than Glenn to combat that. He has already aggressively taken on Jackson and Sharpton. Democrats cannot play identity politics with Darryl Glenn.

    5. Darryl Glenn is all in for Trump: At a time when other Republicans are avoiding Donald Trump,Darryl Glenn has enthusiastically endorsed Trump, making the argument that we simply cannot allow Hillary Clinton to make it to the White House.

    6. Financial game changer: Right now, Glenn’s Democrat opponent, Michael Bennet is sitting on over seven million dollars cash on hand, a massive advantage starting out.

    But if Trump allows Glenn to speak at the Convention, he will be an immediate star and has the chance to raise millions of dollars online. There is simply no other Republican in America running this year who has the potential to fire the imagination of the conservative grassroots like this. Imagine Allen West running in the biggest Senate race of the year, then multiply it.

    The fact is, if Trump puts some run of the mill incumbent on in prime time, sure, it might help them a little, but it will not help them like it would help Glenn. Glenn on the stage in at the RNC will transform Colorado into the biggest race in America in one night. If Glenn raises this kind of money, it means the Democrats and their SuperPAC allies will be forced to put tens of millions into Colorado. That’s money they can’t spend in Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, or Illinois against vulnerable GOP incumbents.

    7. It will drive the Democrats crazy: Democrats absolutely lose their minds when a black conservative calls them out. They have written this race off, bragging for weeks that Bennet is unbeatable. A move like this by Trump is an instant game changer. It’s absolutely the kind of brilliant move that is just like Donald Trump, to take a Senate race from the periphery to the top tier, and energize the entire ticket in Colorado with one swing of the bat.