Breaking: You Won’t Believe How Much ObamaCare Premiums Are Increasing

ObamaCare’s most popular health programs are bracing for more than a 10% increase in cost soon, reports say.

I thought costs were going to go down, Mr. President? Like the BS promise about one being able to keep their Doctor if they wanted, just another lie…

According to The Hill:

“Premiums for the most popular ObamaCare plans are expected to rise by an average of 11 percent next year, according to new research that will likely fuel GOP attacks against the healthcare law.

Health insurers are seeking steeper premium hikes in 2017 than in previous years, according to a report released Wednesday by the Kaiser Family Foundation. The report offers the most comprehensive and alarming data so far about the premium costs that ObamaCare customers will see when they renew their coverage this fall.

Still, the figures are not final; for many states, there is a regulatory battle with health insurers before officials will approve the rates.”