You Won’t Believe How Close Trump Is To Securing The GOP Presidential Nomination

Donald Trump is less than 100 delegates away from clinching the Republican Presidential nomination…

According to The Hill:

Donald Trump is just 77 delegates away from clinching the Republican presidential nomination after his victory in Tuesday night’s Oregon primary.

The real estate mogul is the only candidate left in the race, so each contest brings him closer to officially securing the party’s nomination.

His victory in Oregon will give him another 17 delegates to add to his coffers, which brings him to 1,160, according to Associated Press estimates. That’s just 77 delegates shy of the 1,237 threshold, which he will almost assuredly eclipse during the final round of primaries on June 7.

As the only active candidate in the GOP, Trump is all but a lock to win the 347 delegates yet to be awarded, meaning he’ll end the race with more than 1,400 delegates.”