Donald Trump Could Win Michigan: Here’s What You Need To Know

Donald Trump’s campaign believes they can turn Michigan red for the first time in over 25 years, but it won’t be easy…

According to The Detroit News:

“Donald Trump’s campaign is seeking to end the Democratic Party’s 20-year grip on Michigan’s electoral votes as the presumptive Republican nominee seeks to heal a divided party and reshape the campaign map this fall.

A top Trump aide said Sunday that the billionaire real estate mogul is targeting Michigan in a face-off against likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. He successfully predicted in January that he would win the state’s March 8 Republican primary “because I protect the car industry.”

Trump’s campaign and even some of his critics within Michigan Republican politics argue the combination of his appeal to blue-collar workers and a high negative perception among voters of Clinton could be a winning combination.

GOP strategist Greg McNeilly, no fan of Trump, said Democrats will be working hard to paint the bombastic billionaire negatively in an effort to turn out their unenthusiastic base.

“It’s going to be fear and loathing in Detroit and Flint and every other urban center Michigan has. Democrats are going to run a scare-out-the-voter turnout,” McNeilly said.”