Ten Congressional Races You Should Be Watching

U.S. House of Representatives, New Jersey-05

A bonafide conservative from New England? That’s certainly a rare breed around here. And that’s exactly why conservatives must protect Rep. Scott Garrett from extinction this November. First elected in 2002, this Republican incumbent has been a consistent and principled advocate of smaller government, low tax burdens and a strong national defense. As a founding member of the House Freedom Caucus, he’s used to protecting your interests against the Establishment of both political parties-and that certainly hasn’t made him many friends on Capitol Hill. Now, the Democrat Congressional Committee is using this opportunity to throw tons of weight behind opponent Josh Gottheimer, a former Clintonite who’s already roped in tons of cash from the donor class. This one is pretty clear to us: we can’t afford to lose the only true conservative the northeast has going for it, especially to a Clinton crony. We’ve got your back, Scott, and we’re keeping our eyes on NJ-05.