Ten Congressional Races You Should Be Watching

U.S. House of Representatives, Iowa-01

Iowa’s 1st Congressional District is the stuff battlegrounds are made of, after Republicans pulled off a narrow victory for the seat in 2014. Now, incumbent Rod Blum is seeking to extend his tenure a second term, while the Democrat Congressional Committee is spending a ton of money to ensure just the opposite. The Dems are pushing two liberal candidates on the people of Iowa: Monica Vernon and Patrick Murphy, both of whom subscribe to the big-spending, big-government principles we’ve come to expect from the Left. In contrast, Republican Rep. Blum has used his short time on Capitol Hill to reign in the gratuitous spending of DC’s political class: he’s organized a caucus for lawmakers who support term limits, sponsored legislation that ends congressional access to first-class travel and luxury car leases, and has introduced a bill that places a lifetime ban on ex-lawmakers ever becoming lobbyists. So, yep, he’s not that popular with the Establishment on either side of the aisle, which is why he’s counting on conservatives like us to push him past the finish line. We’re with you, Rod; keep fighting the good fight.