Ten Congressional Races You Should Be Watching

U.S. Senate, Nevada

Harry Reid is retiring. No sweeter words have ever been written, wouldn’t you agree? And in honor of the shameless Minority Leader finally singing his swan song, we at Conservative Intel would love to add some well-deserved insult to injury. And no, that wasn’t a joke about about Reid’s infamous “treadmill accident” of 2015. Rather, our idea of a befitting sendoff would be a victory for Republican nominee Joe Heck, a U.S. Congressman from Nevada’s 3rd District who is being challenged by former Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto. And this just in: Reid’s former challenger Sharron Angle, the Tea Party darling of 2010, has now thrown her hat in the ring as well. Heck and Angle certainly embody the ‘establishment versus conservative’ narrative dominating this election cycle, making both the primary and general election in Nevada one to keep your eye on.