Trump TROUNCES Hillary With Independent Voters

Big news for Donald Trump out of a recent poll is horrendous news for Hillary Clinton.

According to Newsmax:

“GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump enjoys a commanding 47 to 31 percent lead over expected Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton among independent voters, according to an exclusive Newsmax/Fabrizio, Lee & Associates survey that the organizations released Wednesday afternoon.

While the online survey of 1,500 registered voters shows the former secretary of state essentially tied with the GOP front-runner, 45 to 44 percent, the poll’s most eye-popping result is Clinton’s pronounced weakness among independent voters, where she trails Trump by 16 points.

The results fly in the face of most pundits’ predictions that Trump’s strong personality and tough policies would alienate the temperate “swing” voters, who often decide the outcome of national elections.

Trump continues to have high negatives after a bruising primary season, but Hillary appears to be in even worse shape.”