Rubio Faces HUMILIATING Defeat In Florida

Marco Rubio may be in big trouble for Florida’s March 15th primary…

According to The Hill:

“Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio on Saturday declined to say whether he will drop out of the race if he loses his home state primary in Florida.

“Well, I’ve never based my campaign on one state, but I can tell you this, we will win the state of Florida,” Rubio said at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Addressing Rubio, CNN correspondent Dana Bash said, “In a week and a half, as you well know, is the Florida primary. Governor John Kasich said that if he doesn’t win his home state of Ohio, he’ll drop out. What will you do if you don’t win Florida?”

Rubio simply insisted that he would beat Donald Trump in Florida on March 15.

“I have experience at beating people who don’t say who they truly are,” Rubio said. “I have experience at beating people who portray themselves as being one thing but are actually something else.”

Rubio is facing an uphill climb in the Sunshine State. Trump leads the state with 45 percent support, according to a RealClearPolitics average of polls. Rubio trails way behind with 26 percent.”