Breaking: Shocking New Developments Indicate Romney May Run Against Trump

Buzz over Mitt Romney jumping in the 2016 GOP Presidential race is intensifying after bombshell new developments.

According to reports:

“New information is surfacing about Mitt Romney and his 2016 plans following the 2012 presidential candidate’s nationally-covered speech on Thursday morning.

The former Mass. Governor and Republican nominee for President spoke out against Donald Trump, calling the Republican front-runner a “phony” and “fraud.”  He urged Republicans to unite behind another candidate, yet declined to indicate which candidate he would be supporting.

An in-depth look at Romney’s campaign finance activity, however, shows that the former candidate may be gearing up to take another shot at the White House.

In late January and early February of 2016, Romney’s campaign finance entities, which by law are subject to FEC regulations, were both reactivated with amended campaign statements.

FEC records indicate that Romney’s former campaign committee, Romney for President, and Romney’s affiliated PAC, Romney Victory Fund, were both reactivated earlier this year, making them legally able to solicit donations and organize for his presidential campaign.”