Maine Governor LePage Endorses Donald Trump For President


Donald Trump has picked up another Governor’s endorsement on his way to winning the Republican Presidential nomination. Maine’s Paul LePage backed “The Donald” this week, in addition to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

According to Politico:

“Maine’s Paul LePage became the second governor to endorse Donald Trump on Friday.

LePage’s support comes hours after New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie appeared alongside Trump at a press conference in Fort Worth, Texas, announcing his endorsement of his former presidential campaign rival.

“I was Donald Trump before Donald Trump became popular. So I think I should support him because we’re one of the same cloth,” the governor said on the “Howie Carr Show.”

Like Trump, LePage is a businessman whose viability was questioned by pundits. “Everybody’s saying this guy’s a dead governor walking,” he recalled of his reelection bid, “and we set a record for the most votes in the history of the state of Maine for a governor.”