Dems In Trouble Against Trump? Record Turnout For Republicans Causes Concerns

Bad news for Democrats is starting to sink in: their turnout is down, while Republican turnout is shattering records.

Many credit Donald Trump to the record turnout-and his win totals seem to reflect that fact.

Republican establishment types aren’t too thrilled, either…

According to Politico:

“Top Republican officials, who entered the 2016 election cycle intent on broadening the party’s support with a more inclusive message, have been horrified by the success of Donald Trump.

But it turns out that Trump is helping the GOP grow — just not with the kinds of voters they see as critical to the party’s long-term success.

Republicans smashed turnout records in the four states that voted in February, the last three of which Trump won resoundingly. Overall, turnout in the first four states is up nearly 28 percent from 2012 — including a more than 50 percent jump in Iowa and a 128 percent surge in Nevada on Tuesday night.

Democratic turnout, meanwhile, is down about 23 percent from 2008 levels across the first three states — all battleground states in the general election.”