Meet the 50 Sexiest Conservatives

As the election year runs full steam ahead, we at Conservative Intel want to provide our loyal readers a nice respite from all the mudslinging. So, we put together a list of the 50 Sexiest Conservatives on the political scene right now. Sure, such things have been done on other forums before, but this isn’t your typical list of establishment commentators and Fox News weather girls (not that we’re complaining). But in keeping with the grassroots insurgency we’ve seen in 2016 thus far, those chosen for this list are real-deal, dyed in the wool constitutionalists with the conservative bonafides to back it up. Enjoy.

Ben Domenech

He may be just shy of 35, but here’s a few things this conservative writer has managed to accomplish: he was the youngest political appointee of the George W. Bush administration who went on to found the RedState group blog, and later, The Federalist. He is also a Manhattan Institute fellow, hosts his own radio program, and publishes a daily newsletter for political and media insiders. Feel a bit lazy? We do too. But the good news is, he’s on our side, so all that overachievement fights the good fight. A philosophical wunderkind with boyish good looks? Obvious choice for our list.

Katniss Everdeen

Sure, her on-screen portrayer may be a Planned Parenthood promoting liberal, but we don’t hold that against this kick-ass character. As a symbol of rebellion against the tyranny of powerful, centralized government, no one does a better job of espousing conservative virtues to the young-adult crowd. Someone needs to counter those public school teachers after all.

Ted Cruz

Just like Fox News, we’re all about fair and balanced. That’s why we couldn’t include Rand Paul in our countdown without giving a nod to the GOP’s other conservative candidate for President. Just like Mike Lee, his Senate partner-in-crime, this Texas Senator knows the Constitution like the back of his hand. A world-class debater with an intellect to match, even his Harvard professors couldn’t deny the brilliance before them. Besides, no one drives the media, the Democrats or the establishment Republicans more crazy than Ted. Meaning? He’s gotta be doing something right.

Chelsi Henry

Like many young conservatives on this list, the things that Chelsi Henry has managed to accomplish in her years leaves us feeling pretty darn lazy. You see, Chelsi is an attorney, entrepreneur, columnist and political strategist. She was the youngest female elected official in her hometown of Jacksonville, Florida, and spoke at CPAC 2013, the same year she was named a “Rising Star” by the Republican National Committee. And those are only some of her accomplishments; we do have space restraints here after all. But beyond her beauty and obvious brains, Henry is not afraid to engage African American forums that entirely reject the conservative viewpoint all together. With this can-do attitude, there’s nothing this girl can’t accomplish.

Gary Sinise

Like fine wine, this one just gets better with age. You’ve seen Sinise in classics like Forrest Gump, Apollo 13 and starring on CSI: NY, but we think his most underrated work is as narrator of the online virtual tour of the Reagan Library. Indeed, he’s the rare kind of actor fighting the good fight in Hollywood. But more than that, he’s a proud conservative whose eponymous foundation has helped countless veterans, first responders and active duty forces who find themselves in need. As he seeks to honor those who’ve served, we honor him for his commitment and dedication to this country. A spot on Conservative Intel’s list may not be an Academy Award, but who wants recognition from a bunch of liberal actors (pardon the redundancy) anyway?