Meet the 50 Sexiest Conservatives

As the election year runs full steam ahead, we at Conservative Intel want to provide our loyal readers a nice respite from all the mudslinging. So, we put together a list of the 50 Sexiest Conservatives on the political scene right now. Sure, such things have been done on other forums before, but this isn’t your typical list of establishment commentators and Fox News weather girls (not that we’re complaining). But in keeping with the grassroots insurgency we’ve seen in 2016 thus far, those chosen for this list are real-deal, dyed in the wool constitutionalists with the conservative bonafides to back it up. Enjoy.

Megan Cairns

This DC writer and digital strategist works mainly behind-the-scenes to polish conservative messaging, but here’s hoping she takes center stage sometime soon. With a witty and approachable style, Megan’s frequent takedown of PC culture is tailor-made for the millennial crowd, so much so that we think there just may be hope for them yet. Still relatively new to the DC scene, but with intelligence and wit to match those camera-ready looks, it’s only a matter of time before this girl takes off. So you heard it here first folks: Megan Cairns is one to watch.

Rush Limbaugh

The man who needs no introduction, Rush Limbaugh is perhaps not the most obvious choice for a 50 Sexiest List, but looks aside, he earns a solid spot no less. The father of talk radio, this talented talker practically invented conservative parody, taking on the left’s culture war way before new media even existed. Now 65 years-old and still sexy as ever, it’s hard to imagine the conservative landscape without him, probably because it wouldn’t exist in the first place had El Rushbo not taken the mic. So thanks Rush, and keep on trekking, we (and 30 million others a day) are still listening, and always will be.

Orit Sklar

Meet Orit Sklar, a trailblazer when it comes to free-speech on college campuses. Sure, the ridiculous issue of university “safe spaces” may seem like a 2015 phenomenon, but this liberal coddling has been going on for years. As a Georgia Institute of Technology student in 2006, this conservative felt censored and maligned by college administrators. Her response? To co-file a federal civil rights suit against the university for violating her 1st amendment right to free speech and religious liberty. So yep, she’s pretty awesome if you ask us. Now a columnist and Development Director for the Faith and Freedom Coalition, we’re thankful this beauty protects our speech through her own.

Avik Roy

Conservatives, meet Obamacare’s greatest enemy. Well known in conservative and academic circles alike, this Forbes editor is a seasoned politico, having worked for the 2012 presidential campaigns of Rick Perry and Mitt Romney. Now advising Sen. Marco Rubio in addition to serving as a Manhattan Institute fellow, Roy’s intellect is just as obvious as that handsome profile of his. As if it’s not enough to own your own investment research firm, he also authors a blog on Forbes that serves as the go-to source for all things health-care and entitlement reform. Avik is a man who makes fiscal and regulatory reform sound fun; it doesn’t get sexier than that.

Ann-Marie Murrell

This Texas girl knows What Women Really Want, so much so she co-wrote the book on it. And here’s a hint for the liberals out there: it’s not free birth control. Murrell is the CEO and Editor-in-Chief of, a news site for conservative women to read and discuss the latest issues in politics, culture and education. She is also a reporter and activist, whose face is (thankfully) familiar to many a conservative across the country, thanks to numerous show and rally appearances. In the face of the War on Women narrative, Ann-Marie knows women want freedom and prosperity. And in turn, we know this: we want more Ann-Marie Murrell.