Meet the 50 Sexiest Conservatives

As the election year runs full steam ahead, we at Conservative Intel want to provide our loyal readers a nice respite from all the mudslinging. So, we put together a list of the 50 Sexiest Conservatives on the political scene right now. Sure, such things have been done on other forums before, but this isn’t your typical list of establishment commentators and Fox News weather girls (not that we’re complaining). But in keeping with the grassroots insurgency we’ve seen in 2016 thus far, those chosen for this list are real-deal, dyed in the wool constitutionalists with the conservative bonafides to back it up. Enjoy.

Raz Shafer

Like any conservative worth their bonafides, this Hillsdale grad liked Ted Cruz before it was cool. So much so, he was asked by the man himself to serve as a Regional Director following the 2012 election cycle. Shafer left that post in 2014, but his allegiance to the boss never swayed, launching the Draft Ted Cruz for President SuperPAC, as well as his own consulting firm. It’s certainly been a busy few years for Raz, but that certainly hasn’t hindered him in the looks department. And if a certain Texas Senator does win the White House in 2016, this may be just the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Whitney Neal

This proud Texan is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the out, making her a natural fit for this year’s list. Neal heads the marketing team at the Bill of Rights Institute, where she provides students and teachers the tools to ensure that each child is educated on the ideals and history of the nation’s founding. She is driven by the notion that each child is a unique gift, which, as a former teacher herself, truly displays an unwavering kindness and optimism. In a nutshell? Whitney takes on liberal bias in public education, all with that megawatt smile. Does it get any better than that?

Adam Baldwin

A successful Hollywood actor and a dyed-in the-wool conservative? Adam Baldwin makes us believe in miracles. While many conservative entertainers are in the closet so to speak, this liberty-lover is out and proud, posting pithy commentary on social media and contributing to Breitbart’s And did we mention he’s got a heart of gold to boot? That’s right, Baldwin is a huge promoter of and donor to wounded vets. This one-time liberal had a political awakening, but we aren’t holding our breath for the rest of Hollywood to follow suit. Adam is more than enough for us, wouldn’t you agree?

Alfonzo Rachel

Shy is not a word you would use to describe Alfonzo Rachel. An unabashed ranter, he broke into the conservative scene in a forceful way, cutting “brick wall” videos that combatted the daily liberal narrative in a ‘tell-it-to-you-straight’ kind of way. Now the (sexy) president of ZoNation, Rachel has gone on to found Macho Sauce Productions so that he and others may continue to promote conservatism through entertainment. And did we mention he is both musician and martial artist? No need to go on then, his place on this list speaks for itself.

Butch Otter

We’ve given some love to the most conservative members of Congress and the most conservative 2016 candidates, so it’s only fitting we also shine our spotlight on the most conservative governor as well. Meet Butch Otter (yes, that’s really his name), who leads the great state of Idaho with a near perfect liberty score. Due to his military background, Otter is unafraid of holding-and defending- an unpopular opinion. And unlike others in the movement who shy away from the social issues, Butch takes them straight on, fighting for life and religious liberty with zeal. The name, the face, the values. Can we ask for anything more?