RNC’s Redfield Says Trump Is Destroying The GOP, Demands Action From Priebus

Redfield, left, Trump, right

A top Republican National Committee official is demanding action from RNC Chair Reince Priebus over concerns with the Donald Trump Presidential campaign.

Holland Redfield, an RNC Committeeman from the Virgin Islands, said recently that the party is being almost “terrorized” by Trump. Redfield believes the future of the party is at stake.

According to Raw Story:

“A Republican National Committee official warned that Donald Trump and his supporters were destroying the GOP.

Holland Redfield, an RNC committeeman who represents the Virgin Islands, is shown on video recorded at a closed-door breakfast meeting Thursday urging party chairman Reince Priebus to stand up to the GOP frontrunner, reported Politico.

“You can argue with me, but we’re almost terrorized as members of our party,” Redfield said. “‘Shut up, toe the line, embrace each other, and let’s go forward’ — I understand that, but there is a limit to loyalty. I am loyal to this party by speaking out on these very issues.”

The article notes Redfield was bothered by Trump’s talk of a possible Independent Presidential campaign:

“As a party we owe it to ourselves to speak up, and not let the tail wag the dog, and not let someone say, all of a sudden, ‘If you don’t play my game, then I’m running as an independent,’” Redfield said.”