Oops He Did It AGAIN: Watch Rubio On Repeat Again In New Hampshire

Photo by Gage Skidmore

GOP Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio is again coming under fire for continuing to repeat himself, this time at a rally in New Hampshire.

According to The Hill:

“Marco Rubio repeated the same line within a span of 30 seconds during a New Hampshire rally on Monday just days after his rivals needled him as too scripted.

“We are taking our message to families who are struggling to raise their children in the 21st Century, because as you saw, Janette and I are raising our children in the 21st Century. And we know how hard it has become to instill our values in our kids instead of the values they try to ram down our throats,” Rubio said at the rally.

“In the 21st Century, it has become harder than ever to instill in your children the values they teach in our homes and in our church, instead of the values they try to ram down our throats in the movies, in music, and popular culture.”

The line is being roundly criticized on social media and prompted a post from the New York Times linking to video of the comment.”