Ben Carson Blasts Obama’s Failure To Stop California Terror Mom From Entering The United States

2016 GOP Presidential hopeful Dr. Ben Carson blasted the failure of President Obama’s administration to prevent Tashfeen Malik from entering America and subsequently killing 14 in the biggest terror attack on American soil since 9/11.

According to his Facebook:

“Today we learned that the female shooting suspect in California was apparently approved for a Visa from the Department of Homeland Security — using a fake address on her application,” Carson said. “If this does not cause an immediate stop to the President’s Syrian Refugee Program, I am not sure what will. The fact is that ISIS has promised to try and infiltrate our country by attempting to disguise their members as refugees. This shooting not only confirms that ISIS’s mission has been brought to our shore, but also confirms my greatest fear — they have been able to get a radicalized Islamic terrorist through our vetting system.