New Hampshire Will Experience Riots If Trump Is Booted From The Ballot, Campaign Manager Says

AP photo

Donald Trump’s campaign fired back after a former New Hampshire Republican Party Chair announced he’s challenging Trump’s appearance on the “live free or die” state’s GOP Primary ballot.

According to the New Hampshire Union Leader:

“Former New Hampshire Republican Party Chairman Fergus Cullen has filed a complaint with the state’s Ballot Law Commission to try to dispute GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump as a Republican candidate.

In his six-page complaint, Cullen claims Trump must “present evidence that he is a registered member of the Republican Party because his views, expressed over decades, are inconsistent with the Republican Party platform and the Republican Party of New Hampshire’s statement of principles and bylaws.”

Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, in a statement to the Union Leader, suggested that Cullen works for Ohio Gov. John Kasich, a Republican rival far behind Trump in the polls.

“Number one, Mr. Trump’s views do comport with the Republican Party and number two, from a constitutional stand point, there is such a thing as freedom of speech,” Lewandowski said. “To file such a document against the person who is not only the frontrunner, but leading by tremendous margins is outrageous. If anything like this would ever happen Mr. Trump’s supporters would probably riot in the streets of New Hampshire. This is yet another attempt by the failed GOP establishment to keep Mr. Trump off the ballot because they know he is the only one who can Make America Great Again.”