California Love: Marco Rubio Misses Paris Intelligence Briefing For Big Money Fundraiser!

Even supporters of Florida Senator and 2016 GOP Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio were stunned to learn Rubio missed an important post-Paris intelligence briefing earlier this week, instead opting for a high-priced fundraiser out in California…

Newport Beach area guests paid the Rubio campaign a minimum of $1,000 per plate to attend the fundraising event in Cali.

According to the Broward-Palm Beach New Times:

“Following the Paris terrorist attacks last week, Marco Rubio reversed his previous stance on allowing Syrian refugees into the country. On Wednesday, Rubio was scheduled to attend a classified briefing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee where the United States’ role in the aftermath of those attacks would be discussed. Instead, the presidential hopeful skipped out on it and attended a big-money fundraiser in California.

The meeting, which featured State Department officials, a Homeland Security official, and a senior intelligence officer, reportedly discussed the Syrian refugee issue as well as the threat of terrorism in the wake of the Paris attacks, and Rubio would have gotten information very few are privy to. The briefing, called “The Aftermath of Paris: America’s Role,” was for those who have clearance only. Since Rubio is the only presidential candidate who serves on the Senate Intelligence Committee, it was a golden opportunity for him to get ahead on the biggest topic of the day.

Instead, Rubio skipped out on the meeting to attend a $1,000-a-plate dinner fundraiser in Newport Beach, California.”