Breaking: Politico Backtracks After Lies About Ben Carson EXPOSED!

Politico’s controversial story about 2016 GOP Presidential hopeful Ben Carson has people talking.

Unfortunately, most of that talk is wrong.

As a result, they have now amended their story, no longer accusing Carson of fabricating his West Point claims…

According to Guy Benson at TownHall.Com:

“Nowhere in those paragraphs (of his book) did Carson claim anything regarding an “application and acceptance” to West Point, which is part of the allegation leveled in Politico’s opening sentence.  In fact, Carson has stated elsewhere that he only applied to one college: Yale. Furthermore, the story’s characterization that Carson’s campaign “conceded the story was false” isn’t supported by any of the subsequent quotes.

Indeed, the Carson camp is now vehemently denying the report’s entire premise. Some online observers quickly noted that the prestigious military institution in upstate New York does not technically offer “scholarships,” per se, and that’s true.  There are no tuition or living expense costs associated with attending the school; students “pay for” their education through required military service post-graduation. But that’s not dispositive, either.

I’d argue that rather than advancing a fabricated, resume-puffing lie, it’s entirely plausible that a young Ben Carson interpreted an encouraging recruitment pitch from a top US general as a “full scholarship” offer.”