Media Attacks Ben Carson Over Stabbing Story: Here’s How He Responds

AP photo

With media outlets attacking Dr. Ben Carson over allegedly changing his story about nearly stabbing someone as a teen-then discovering religion-Carson is hitting back, blasting the poor coverage of the 50 year old incident.

The attacks come as Carson’s stock continues to rise in the 2016 GOP Presidential primary… 

According to The Hill:

“Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson on Friday tried to offer an explanation for why the details in a story about his involvement in an attempted stabbing have changed over time.

“For one thing, it happened 50 years ago — half a century ago,” Carson told the Washington Post. “For another thing, when people record what I’ve said, they record it in different ways. When you’ve got something from 50 years ago that’s told by many different people, it’s sort of like the party game where you whisper to people sitting in a circle. When it gets to the original person, it’s very different.”

The story in question involves Carson allegedly trying to stab someone else in rage, but hitting his belt buckle and breaking his knife. He has said that incident helped lead to his discovery of religion.

A Tuesday report by The Daily Beast revealed that certain details differ in the many different retellings of the story. In some, he stabs a friend; in others, a random person. He has sometimes said he ran away after the attempted stabbing, while on different occasions said that the other boy ran from him. The description of the knife has also changed.”