Watch: Drunk Teen Caught On Tape Trashing Police Station (You Won’t Believe Why!)

Police lights by night

Police in Michigan wanted to give a teen waiting in the cold a place to wait for his cab after he was busted for underage drinking-instead, he trashed their police station for no apparent reason shortly after his arrival…

According to CM Life:

“While officers were busy taking calls early Sunday morning, a man was destroying the lobby of the Mount Pleasant Police Department.

Dominic Cordes, 19, was ticketed for drinking at a party on Douglas Street earlier that night, and officers took sympathy on him when he told them he lost his friends and didn’t have a ride home. They offered Cordes a ride to the police department, where he could use a phone and wait for a taxi.

Officer Jeff Browne said Cordes wasn’t dressed for the 30 degree weather.

Between when the Williamston resident arrived and when officers returned to check on him at 3 a.m., Cordes caused more than $500 of damage to the lobby.

A video shows him talking angrily on the phone, while simultaneously throwing and kicking random objects, including a phone used exclusively for 911 calls, a speaker used by police to communicate between departments and a non-profit candy machine. ”