Trump Claims Ben Carson Is Being “Controlled” (By Who?!)

2016 GOP Presidential hopeful Donald Trump had strong word for his fellow White House contenders this weekend, saying, among other things, that Dr. Ben Carson is being “controlled” by a Super PAC supporting the neurosurgeon’s candidacy.

Trump also blasted other candidates and the influence of money in politics.

According to CNN:

“Donald Trump on Saturday knocked his fellow presidential candidates for having super PACs backing their presidential bids, just two days after a super PAC backing him announced it was disbanding.

“A lot of PACs are crooked business,” Trump said Saturday at a rally here in Jacksonville. “Those PACs control the candidates. They totally control. (Ben) Carson is controlled by his PAC. (Jeb) Bush is controlled by his PAC. (Marco) Rubio is controlled by his PAC — and he needs a lot of water.”

Most notably, Trump knocked Carson — who overtook Trump as the front-runner in Iowa in two recent polls — for his campaign “in Iowa being run by a super PAC.”

Since launching his campaign, Trump has repeatedly slammed the influence big-moneyed interests hold over politicians”