Was Bernie Sanders Right When He Said Americans Don’t Give A Damn About Hillary’s Email Scandal?

An analysis of social media activity during the debate shows that, contrary to claims made by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, Americans do give a damn or two about Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

According to Voactiv:

“Bernie Sanders seems to think that Americans are “sick and tired” of hearing about Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, but that didn’t stop Twitter from talking about it ad nauseum during Tuesday’s Democratic debate.

Vocativ analyzed more than two million tweets as the two hour event aired on CNN and discovered that despite the wide-ranging number of issues debated, Twitter appeared to be most hung up on Clinton’s use of a private server for her government email during her tenure as secretary of state.

The words “email” and “server” were mentioned more than 100,000 times, generating even more discussion than “gun,” which featured in almost 30,000 fewer tweets despite the recent spate of school shootings.

Clinton’s emails were mentioned more than double the number of times as the third most popular phrases, “black lives matter” and “race,” which received a combined 44,000 mentions. Sorry, Bernie, but it looks like social media still isn’t ready to hit “delete” on those damn emails.”

They then posted this nifty graphic:

2015_10_14 DebateTwitterTopics.r3