Liberal Elites Call Dr. Ben Carson “Ignorant” In Vicious Op/Ed

AP photo

Liberal elites at The New Yorker aren’t big fans of renowned neurosurgeon and 2016 GOP Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson,

A recent article implies he’s delusional, also calling him “ignorant” and “disingenuous.”

“It is hard to find a single detailed claim in his diatribe that is physically sensible or that reflects accurate knowledge about science,” part of the piece reads.

According to a recent op/ed from The New Yorker:

“It is one thing to simply assert that you don’t choose to believe the science, in spite of a mountain of data supporting it. It’s another to mask your ignorance in such a disingenuous way, by using pseudo-scientific, emotion-laden arguments and trading on your professional credentials. Surely this quality, which reflects either self-delusion or, worse still, a willingness to intentionally deceive others, is of great concern when someone is vying for control of the nuclear red button…

What Carson doesn’t seem to recognize is that there is a fundamental difference between facts and faith. An inability to separate religious beliefs from an assessment of physical reality runs counter to the very basis of our society—the separation of church and state.

By his own admission, Carson’s remarkable hand-eye coördination allowed him to soar as a surgeon, and he used that success to build a lucrative reputation as a purveyor of advice for young and old. His book for young people is titled “You Have a Brain.” As numerous religious scientists have quipped, God wouldn’t have given us a brain if he hadn’t intended for us to use it.

While many may debate whether his lack of public-service experience disqualifies him from serious consideration in this race, Carson’s ideas about religion, science, and public office, as revealed in the past week, suggest that there are far deeper reasons to be concerned about his candidacy for the highest office in the land.”

Looks like Carson has a few people worried about him winning…