American Hero Who Stopped Muslim Attack On French Train STABBED In California!

Spencer Stoen, center, with fellow heroes who stopped French train terrorist...

Spencer Stone, one of three brave Americans who stopped an Islamic extremist from viciously gunning down innocent victims while they were passengers on a French train now finds himself the victim of a stabbing in California.

According to NBC News:

“Spencer Stone, one of three Americans who helped foil a terror attack on a French train in August, was stabbed in Sacramento on Wednesday night, the U.S. Air Force confirmed to NBC News.

Airman First Class Stone was in stable condition on Thursday, an Air Force spokesperson said.

“He is alive and in stable condition at this time,” the spokesperson said. “We do not have any information as to the events preceding the incident.”

Stone was out with friends when he was stabbed multiple times in the torso around 12:45 a.m. near some popular bars in downtown Sacramento, police said.

It appeared that a “verbal argument” ended up on the street and led to a physical confrontation, a Sacramento Police Department spokeswoman told NBC News.

He was not targeted because of his heroics in France, the spokeswoman said. “It appears it was happenstance,” she added.”

Wikipedia notes:

“The 2015 Thalys train attack was a shooting and stabbing incident that took place on 21 August 2015 aboard a Thalys trainpassing through Oignies, Pas-de-Calais, France.[7][8] The train was traveling from Amsterdam to Paris via Brussels when the perpetrator opened fire in a train carriage before being subdued by passengers, one of whom he stabbed. Including the assailant, four people were injured, none fatally.[9] The incident is believed by French police to be an Islamist terrorist attack…”