HUGE: New Poll Shows Ben Carson Surging, Beats ALL DEMS In Ohio+Pennsylvania

A new poll says 2016 GOP Presidential hopeful Dr. Ben Carson would beat former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Carson would also turn the vital swing states red when matched up against Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders as well as Vice President Joe Biden…

According to The New York Daily News:

Outsiders are totally in across two key swing states, a new poll shows.

Ben Carson would beat Hillary Clinton in a hypothetical general election matchup in Ohio and Pennsylvania, a Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday found.

In Ohio, the surging retired neurosurgeon would beat Clinton 49% to 40%, the poll showed, while, in Pennsylvania, he would beat the former secretary of state by the same 49% to 40% margin.

Since 1960, no President has won the general election without winning two of the three swing states of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida.

Carson would also beat Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Vice President Biden, who hasn’t yet declared whether he’s running, in both states.”

>>>Carson is hot on Trump’s trail in other polls and recently announced raising a record $20 million for his campaign war chest.

Carson may be known for being soft spoken, but his poll numbers and fundraising are hitting the field hard-Carson is making his presence as a top tier candidate known as Iowa and New Hampshire rapidly approach.