Must See: Dr. Carson DESTROYS Whoopi While Defending Pro Life Values On...

Must See: Dr. Carson DESTROYS Whoopi While Defending Pro Life Values On “The View”

Dr. Ben Carson on "The View"

Dr. Ben Carson vigorously defended pro life values in a recent exchange with Whoopi Goldberg on “The View,” with the 2016 GOP Presidential hopeful not afraid to teach the controversial host a thing or two.

The 2016 GOP Presidential candidate recently announced raising a record $20 million for his campaign, all while moving to within 1% of Donald Trump in some polls.

According to Breitbart:

“Republican presidential contender Dr. Ben Carson appeared on ABC’s The View on Tuesday, where he defended his pro-life stance on abortion under questioning from co-host Whoopi Goldberg.

“You sort of feel that there’s not a war on women, but there may be a war on what’s inside of women,” Goldberg told Carson. “Is that accurate?”

“We are killing babies all over the place,” Carson responded. “I’ve spent my entire career trying to preserve life and give people quality of life, even operating on babies in the womb, operating all night long sometimes on premature babies. And I get to meet those people when they’re adults, and productive adults. There is no way you’re going to convince me that they’re not important, that they’re just a mass of cells.”

“I wanna ask you this,” Goldberg countered. “Have you met with the women who have to make these horrendous decisions when they have to make them, of whether or not they can bring a child into the world? We talk about bringing children into the world all the time, but periodically, some women feel, ‘I just can’t.’ Are you empathetic to them?”

“I’m very empathetic,” Carson replied. “What I have said is that this is a job for us in the private sector. What we need to do is make sure that we provide adequate day-care centers for these mothers so that they can get their GED…”



  1. I believe the reason Carson was asked on the show because he is black. Pretty sure they won’t have any other GOP Candidates on that show! Carson is a great man, but I just can’t see him President of the United States. I think he is too weak. Great Surgeon & book writer but that is all he has done. Too bad TED CRUZ seems to be getting the snub from News Stations & TV shows. I think because TED CRUZ IS A TRUE CONSERVATIVE AND SUPPORTS THE CONSTITUTION.

    • Donald Trump was on the view two weeks ago, Marco Rubio was on a couple of months ago ….. god knows why but they were on ….
      i detest that show ..

      • I detest that show also. BUT, I love the fact that Carson is true to himself and can speak intelligently on ANY media outlet! He is definitely God’s answer to all the folks who have been praying for this country to be delivered from the evil that has been ALLOWED to overtake it.

    • His intellect is his strength. No need to bluster & show a testosterone blowout. Walk quietly & carry a big stick.

    • Oh I can see him as President. He’s very deliberate and careful of his every word, every act. How refreshing is that?

  2. Ben on the View: Yes, he is the smartest person in the room…… assured Whoopi.

  3. Trump for President, Cruz for V.P., Carson for Surgeon General, Rubio for Homeland Security, Fiorina for Secty of State, Christy for Atty General

      • I would vote for that combination… Fiorina is questionable.. I am just so sick of establishment politicians! They should all be volunteers, and not allowed to serve more than 4 years… they can earn a living from having a job outside of politics or owning a business, with lobbying being illegal.

  4. Carson is a great man and he’ll be in Trump’s cabinet. But he’s too soft for the job of POTUS. At this point in time only Trump has the brass to accomplish what needs to be done. He doesn’t care what the liberals or the enemies of this country think. He’ll bulldoze the opposition and will not be intimidated. I like Cruz too. Maybe Donald will engage his as VP. I pray that Trump becomes POTUS. The changes will be miraculous and swift.

    • Princess, I think you don’t read Carson accurately. Just because a man is quiet and courteous, it does not mean he is not strong. Carson is a strong and determined man who speaks in a soft voice with very clear and deeply held convictions. Listen more to WHAR he says, rather than merely HOW he says it. He will not be a pushover wherever he may. he man is a forceful conservative and pro-life individual..

    • This is a man who is not afraid to speak for what he believes even if not “politically correct”. His stance on guns, Muslims, defending himself, abortion, planned parenthood, all controversial, he’s not held back. He’s got principals! Wow so refreshing.

  5. Shut up! Woopi I can stand this women she looks horrible, Carson has more brains in his big toe than all these women

  6. OMG. People just do NOT get it! “Planned” definition is arrange beforehand. ie:Birth control, abstinence. Parenthood = self-explanatory. Abortion is not planning, it’s the opposite. It’s NOT healthcare. These pro-murder groups try to justify reckless behaviour. If they can risk pregnancy, they are at the same time risking contracting Hepatitis B or C, HIV, chlamydia, etc. Tune in to the real truth. Men who don’t want any responsibility morally or financially are just using these women. LIFE is a serious matter. treat it as such, morally, compassionately. FYI, I had my child at 16. I refused to abort. I was woman enough to partake, I’m woman enough to see my responsibility through. We BOTH finished school and not for a minute do I regret having my child. To top it off, he was a preemie and fought hard to live his life. He’s responsible, funny, sarcastic, and just a joy. He’s successful and has brought a lot of joy into everyones life that he has touched. It’s not a choice, it’s a BABY!

      • Unborn children legally have the protection of the Constitution also so those protecting them are on the Right side of history. If a woman gets knocked up then tough shit, she created a new Constitutionally protected human and should be forced to live with the consequences. Not surprising that Margaret Sanger is the sweetheart of the left wing since she was a raving racist intent on exterminating the Black race via Planned Parenthood. Typical Democrat vermin..

        • The Supreme Court ruled in Rowe v. Wade that a woman has the right to an abortion. The Supreme Court has never ruled that an unborn fetus has any rights. I do agree with you that Margaret Sanger and those who cite her as a reference are racists.

          • Gerald, the supreme court if not the Supreme Rule. God has ruled that the unborn fetus is a living, human being made in the image and likeness of God himself. And by the way, if a woman decide to end the life inside her, she is NOT a mother – she is a murderer.

          • I believe in G-d. However, I do not think that G-d had it in mind that a human being would bring onto this earth an unwanted child, who would be neglected, or live in misery. Further, I do not believe that your interpretation of religious principles is binding on other persons. They can decide for themselves what is right for themselves. That is what the First Amendment stands for.

          • There are so many wannabe parents that are ready to adopt that I think the neglect/misery issues are already solved. It boils down to one person’s convenience vs. another person’s life.

      • Why can one person decide what to do with someone else’s body inside her? If killing viable fetuses is OK then why not extend it to terrible 2’s or even up to age 18?

        • Some cultures engage in infanticide on a regular basis. In our society, however, if an aborted fetus is viable outside the womb and its life can be saved, pursuant to applicable laws and the Hippocratic Oath, after an abortion, the physician performing the abortion would have the obligation to treat the baby as an injured person and try to save its life. Obviously, children are treated the same as adults, once they are born and viable.

    • I, also had my 1st child at 17 yrs. and proceeded to have 3 more. They are the joy of my life. You either protect yourself before sex or be prepared to accept the responsibility of another life. Men need to be raised to take responsibility also….there are enough ways to protect oneself…abortion is not an option. If a girl or woman is truly not capable of caring for herself, she has the right to give the child a good life through adoption. Life is life and this country cherishes it.

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