Do You Feel Lucky? Trump Says He’s Armed With Concealed Carry Gun And Isn’t Afraid To Use It

Donald Trump speaks at the Saginaw/Genesee County Lincoln Day in Michigan (Photo by DarKen Photography)

Anyone¬†thinking of ambushing “The Donald” will be in for a big surprise, the real estate mogul says.

2016 GOP Presidential front runner Donald Trump blasted gun free zones in a speech Saturday, also saying he has his concealed carry permit in New York and isn’t afraid to use it.

According to CNN (via WMUR):

“Donald Trump said Saturday that had teachers been armed at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, the deadly shooting there this week would not have been as tragic.

Trump has previously cited mental health issues, not guns, as the biggest cause of shootings in the U.S. But his comments on Saturday are his most extensive and emotionally charged about firearms since he launched his campaign in June, as he spoke about his personal gun ownership and elicited his biggest applause of the afternoon in discussing gun rights…

Trump went on to say he has a license to carry a gun in New York, and if someone attacks him, he will respond.

“In fact, I have a license to carry in New York, can you believe that? Nobody knows that,” he said.

“Can you imagine? Somebody says, ‘There’s Trump, he’s easy pickings.’ What’d you’d say?” Trump said, mimicking holding a gun with his hand…”