New NH Poll Reveals New Twists

A new poll release by WMUR/CNN demonstrated further the trend that was set by an earlier poll this week showing an aggressive slide for Hillary Clinton.

The one-two punch in her rating comes both in the performance of Bernie Sanders in Iowa and New Hampshire coupled with the increasing signs of a coming announcement from Joe Biden.

The CNN poll shows Bernie Sanders with an unprecedented 46% support in New Hampshire over Hillary’s 30%.

On the GOP side of the ledger, recent polls showing Donald Trump still leading the pack have a hidden underbelly that, upon further scrutiny, reveals a dangerous weakness.

Despite the sizeable gap between he and second place Ben Carson, a time-track of all the polls demonstrates a credible downward slide.

That slide is shared by a similar dip for Ben Carson despite his solid command of second place. On the contrary, the uptick for Carly Fiorina and Marco Rubio shows that both GOP frontrunners are very vulnerable after unconvincing performances in the second Republican debate.