NSA: Hillary Server Priority Target

(AP Photo/Brendon Smialowski, Pool)

Admiral Michael Rogers, chief of the National Security Agency, testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday admitting for perhaps the first time how credible a threat Hillary Clinton’s home-based email server may have been.

Rogers explained pointedly that “from a foreign intelligence perspective”, Hillary’s server would be seen by intelligence personnel from foreign governments as an ‘opportunity’.

In a limited audit by an inspector general for the intelligence community, top secret information was already found to be included among some of the emails released by the State Department amid its review of more than 50,000 pages of Hillary’s communication.

In related news, Hillary aide Huma Abedin, who is already under serious scrutiny by the FBI for her role in the email scandal, was revealed by internal documentation to have been personally approved by then-Secretary Clinton for simultaneous work for the State Department and for the Clinton Foundation.

Despite Hillary’s previous statement that she was “not directly involved”, the official authorization to change Abedin’s status to Special Government Employee was signed by Clinton.

Hillary drew criticism from GOP frontrunner Donald Trump for having allowed Abedin to enjoy dual salaries both from the agency and from the Clinton Foundation.