Jeb Loses More Ground in Polls

REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

According to the latest Fox News poll, more than half of Republican voters are throwing their support to candidates that have never held public office before.

The numbers demonstrate the overwhelming disdain the electorate continues to hold for politicians, in general, and Washington, DC, specifically.

And while candidates, Trump, Carson and Fiorina share favor among half the voters, Jeb Bush’s previous command of the field continues to slide.

Only 7% of GOP voters indicated Bush as their top choice, half of what he commanded only 30 days ago.

If Trump is removed from the equation, Carson would take the top spot followed by Marco Rubio. However, Jeb Bush would remain in fifth place among replacement options.

Worse still, a Florida poll was released on Wednesday showing Marco Rubio with a sizeable lead over Bush in the Sunshine State.

Despite having raised well over $100 million in the race so far, Team Bush is going backward, a fact which has GOP strategists concerned that a scorched-earth negative ad blitz is the only thing that could put him back in the lead.