Hillary Versus the FBI: “Wiped” Emails Recovered

On Wednesday, it became clear the hopes of Hillary Clinton’s email server woes blowing over would not be fulfilled after unnamed sources within the FBI revealed the agency has discovered private emails on her home-based server.

According to the report, FBI analysts were able to conduct forensics on the hard-disk of the server to recover emails which Clinton’s attorney had previously reported were “wiped”.

The debate now is centered on whether and which federal judge might escalate the fight by issuing an order that the agency turn over copies of the emails as a part the more than 30 FOIA suits making their way through the federal courts.

If there is any validity to the theory that Barack Obama is secretly pressing the investigation by the FBI forward, a bombshell release of new evidence is only a matter of time and could ultimately be the beginning of the end of Hillary’s presidential aspirations.

According to a new poll released this week, one in four Democrat voters indicated support for Vice President Joe Biden despite that he has yet to declare his intentions for the race. Further, Hillary’s lead among the field has shrunk to 44% support, down from 61% in June.