Hillary Publicly Opposes Keystone Pipeline

Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

After months of refusing to take a public position on the issue, Hillary Clinton announced at a campaign stop in Iowa that she is officially opposed to the Keystone Pipeline proposal.

As Secretary of State, Hillary refused to comment on her opinion in favor or against the deal, ostensibly because she did not want to interfere with the Obama administration’s public efforts.

The challenge for the Hillary camp is that the Democrat caucus has been split over the issue wherein environmentalists have squared off against workers’ unions who argue that the pipeline will bring jobs.

Clinton explained her reasoning for the opposition stems from a priority in combatting climate change.

Bernie Sanders quickly offered a public thank you to Hillary for finally jumping on the bandwagon in favor of the environment.

But critics, including fellow candidate Martin O’Malley, charged that this is yet another instance in which Hillary is attempting to lead from behind with poll-tested issue positions.